Our teeth are the most prominent Organ in our face. For this reason, it is extremely important that they look good. However, it is also important to maintain it because it has a form that can be worn and worn over time. While the good appearance of our teeth gives us self-confidence, teeth with bad colors or fractures affect the patient’s self-confidence significantly, while negatively affecting the appearance of the patients. Therefore, it is important to have healthy teeth.

In addition to looking good, it is also important that the teeth are healthy. Missing teeth or having cavities affect the self-confidence of the patients as well as their health. Such that unhealthy teeth are extremely sensitive to hot and cold. This can be painful even when eating or talking. For this reason, it is important to treat all of the patients’ teeth, both to avoid pain and for an aesthetic appearance. At this point, the first treatment that comes to us is the Hollywood smile. These treatments, which treat every problem in the patient’s teeth, also offer a perfect smile.

What is Hollywood Smile Makeover?

Hollywood smile are procedures that treat every problem in the teeth. While patients may only have color change in their teeth, it is normal to have much more problems. All these are treated together with different procedures. Patients leave the clinic with perfect smiles. Hollywood smile can include;

  • Broken
  • Crack
  • yellowed
  • Missing Tooth
  • Space Between Two Teeth
  • Rotten Tooth
  • Root Canal Treatment

All these treatments are treatments that patients need. Although most of the time one or two treatments are needed, it is of course possible to encounter more dental problems. However, the result is always the same. It is guaranteed that you will return home with perfect teeth!

Why Should I Get a Hollywood Smile Makeover?

Having more than one problem in your teeth explains why you need treatment. If the problems in your teeth really cause an aesthetically bad appearance or if it is difficult to eat, even talk and drink water, you should definitely get treatment. This means you need more than one treatment. However, smiling is the most beautiful act in the world.

Therefore, your teeth are of course important. However, of course, if you are undecided about hollywood smile, if you are planning to choose a single treatment, you should know that the treatments you receive separately will be more costly. Because Hollywood smile includes more than one treatment, prices are often calculated with the best price. However, when there is only one treatment, it is extremely difficult to discount treatment prices.

What Procedures Does the Hollywood Smile Makeover Include?

This is a situation that develops entirely due to the patient’s dental problems. The treatments to be applied according to the problems in the teeth of the patients are also determined. Sometimes only coatings may be sufficient, sometimes dental fillings or dental implants may be needed.

Sometimes several procedures can be used simultaneously for a complete cure. For this reason, you should definitely be examined by a dentist for detailed information about which procedures can complete the treatment. Thus, all processes will be explained in detail. Treatments will be determined according to this result.

Dental Implant for Hollywood Smile

Dental implants are treatments used in patients with missing teeth for the Hollywood smile. Hollywood smile is made to make both upper and lower teeth look good up to the premolar. If the patient’s teeth are missing, implant treatments may be required. However, if the patient’s teeth have caries and the root is affected by this caries, tooth extraction is performed. This makes dental implants necessary.

Dental Veneers for Hollywood Smile

Dental veneers are procedures used in every Hollywood smile treatment. They are used to cover the front surface of the teeth. While it can be used for yellowed, broken or cracked teeth, it can also be preferred for more permanent whiteness.

But you should know that it is present in every treatment. It is applied to the upper and lower teeth, up to the premolars, in the visible anterior teeth. Thus, the patients have more permanent white teeth. In addition, the required tooth length in the digital view made during the patient’s consultation is also made with veneers.

Tooth Filling for a Hollywood Smile

Although there are treatments that affect the front of your teeth, filling the spaces in your molars is important for you to have healthier teeth. For this reason, if there are parts of the teeth that start to decay, the teeth with strong roots can be abraded and filled. Thus, if you have a pain problem, it will also end.

Lip Fillers For Hollywood Smile

Your smile is not just your teeth. Your perfect smile is also related to your lips. For this reason, if necessary, your lips can reach the required size with fillings that are not exaggerated. This is important both for a better smile and for your smile to come to the fore.

Dental Bridges For Hollywood Smile

Dental bridges are treatments used in missing teeth, just like implants. However, these treatments are more invasive. It is not as difficult as dental implants. While dental implant treatments involve fixing an implant to your jawbone and placing a prosthesis on it, Bridges only improve the appearance. It is used in the space in the middle of two healthy teeth. It is a procedure that involves the tooth placed in the middle by taking support from two healthy teeth on the right and left.

How Long Should I Stay in Turkey for Hollywood Smile Makeover?

The answer to this will depend entirely on the treatments you need. However, you can plan to spend at least 2 weeks in Turkey. If you wish, it may be possible to shorten this period by talking to your doctor. However, unlike veneers, different processes will be required for each treatment you need. However, although dental implant treatments often require months, your doctor will allow you to receive treatment in one day for a Hollywood smile, with treatments called same day implants. So you don’t have to worry.

Hollywood Smile Makeover Results

The result is perfect teeth! Your teeth will be photographed as soon as you arrive. However, photos will be taken after each process. Then a final photo will be taken for the result. Thus, you will be able to see your treatment process. You have to be sure that you will be satisfied with the results. Because our surgeons are experienced and successful surgeons in their field. This ensures that the treatments will be successful. You should not forget that you can get free treatment if you experience any treatment-related problems.